Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words of Wisdom?

*If you want to get treated like a princess don't act like a peasant whore* from K.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Team Bambi or Team Lion?

Who are you rooting for?????????

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Currently I'm really into showing my legs off a first!) and besides minidresses and shorts,dresses whatsoever I really,really,really want to find a cute chunky oversized cardigan to wear as a dress.

Slightly skanky... why yes.

VS for 59$

Those are my current faves


Thursday, April 3, 2008



I'm in hot,deep,passionate,bordering on obsession... screw that... obsessed love with my MAC lip gloss a friendly and caring soul sent me.
Thx again D,I don't think you realized you started a life-long possibly scarring addiction.

First of all,how could I ever sleep on MAC.

I mean... ever?

My lips are always,always super dry,it's so bad that I have about 20!! chap sticks currently.

That does not count the dozens I lost in the last few months.

However with MAC I don't need to use chap sticks or lip balms at all which is so crazy b/c lip gloss usually makes it worse.

I'd say it's the jojoba in MAC lip glass.

Anyhoo my current MAC is Young Spark which is this awesome nudish warm pink .

I'm in love.

No seriously.

I'm harassing people to buy it b/c it's so great and sadly it's only available for a limited time.

Yes of course once I find something that is everything I ever wanted it has to be discontinued,I know I'm not the only one with this problem.

Anyhow here's a pic of me with Young Spark.

What... it looks like nothing special??

Exactly.. finally a natural looking nudish gloss on me,luv it!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fake people

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in super fake people?
I mean we all have our moments were we are civil to someone we can't stand or try to find a positive comment for a otherwise disastrous outfit just b/c it's obviously the nice thing to do.

However there are those who are all smiles in your face and reassure you over and over again that you're basically the next Jesus or that it's ohhhh so great to have you around when they can't stand your azz and the second you turn their back on them it's ON.

I was so appalled when I overheard how this one person I know complimented someone else that they ripped apart in front of me,I mean literally.
You'd think they were talking about Gollum.
But what in the hizzay must posses you if you turn around and tell said *Gollum* they are SO good looking and a good catch?
For who?

And then the same ppl turn around and complain that they don't have any friends... Ya think?
So to all the negative-nellies out there,maybe just maybe if you weren't constantly looking for fault in other ppl or were a little less fake,then you'd have a few more friends.
And I'm not saying this to be mean at all.. see it as tough-love.
I'll pray for you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Holy Moly

So I use photobucket as a main image host and they have special affects similar to Photoshop(of course I'm apologizing to anyone that is offended by this comparison)

You can fix blemishes,squeeze or plum something up,insert colors... sounds like fun right?

Well screw that!

Curious me thought it would be funny to *enhance* one of my pictures I posted earlier.

Well here is the before

And here is the after

I thought it would be nice to plum my lips up just to realize after looking at the new me that I've been living as average when I could be glamorous and sultry and sexy!

in consideration of my readers stomach's I won't insert the pictures that are the result of a good hour of me trying to *fix* all my flaws let's just say I got scary close to understanding Michael Jackson's obsession.

I know this is the part where I'm supposed to reflect about Hollywood and the media and what it does to our minds and body images.

Well screw that too we all heard it a million times before and it doesn't change a thing about me and my new found love for lip injections.

It's sad now I have to add Photobucket and Photoshop along with dryers,soda,fast food and suburbs to the well intented but evil things.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Addicted to lip gloss

I'm finally rediscovering my addiction for lip gloss after a long break.

Since I'm kinda new in the states I have yet to try many of the famous brands like NARS,MAC,Bobbi Brown et cetera.

But I'm slowly making my way through the lip gloss jungle.

Here are a few pics of me with my current favorites and new discoveries.


Revlon - Coral Glow

L'oreal HIP - Precarious

Avon Chocolate Drop - Passionate Pink

This one is my absolute favorite!It smells like chocolate ,is rich in color and has a creamy consistence!!!

Avon Lipglaze -Honey

This is another one of my favorites and will be most def. one of my staples.However the applicator brush is absolute horror,it's so hard it feels like I'm rubbing pumice stone over my lips.
Since the color is so dreamy tough I'll hang on and hope that someone from Avon gets the idea that bleeding lips and lip gloss don't go together too well.